Sample Snack Menu



Morning: 3 carrots and 1 graham cracker and 1 tsp peanut butter

Afternoon: 1/3 banana and 1/4 cup cheddar bunnies

Morning: 1/2 apple and 1 granola bar

Afternoon: 1/2 bell pepper and 1/3 cup pita chips and 1 tbsp hummus


Morning: 1/4 cup raisins and 1/3 cup cheerios

Afternoon: 1/2 cup pear and 1/3 cup tortilla chips and 1 tbsp salsa


Morning: 1/2 cup melon and 3 crackers with 2 slices of cheese

Afternoon: 1/3 cup edamame and 1/4 bagel and 1 tsp cream cheese


Morning: 1/5 cucumber and 1/3 cup pirate booty

Afternoon: 1/4 orange and 1 string cheese


If your child has an allergy (gluten, dairy, soy, fish, nuts, etc.), we do our best to accomodate them.  Sometimes this means simply serving a different snack item, and sometimes this means taking an item off our menu.  Please talk to staff upon enrollment to make a meal plan.