We like to give kids as many chances to express themselves as possible, so we offer chances to draw, paint, cut, glue, print, sing, play instruments, and dance each day. 


​Though sometimes hard to see, we hide math skills in all of our curriculum.  Here, children learn counting, patterning, sorting, measurement, and more.  We also building counting into many of our stories, songs, and games.  Educare kids typically enter kindergarten with above-average math skills.


During the first 5 years of life, the most important things we can do for children's development of language skills are reading and storytelling.  In our classroom, we offer story times featuring books, flannel stories, drawn stories, oral storytelling, and puppet shows. Additionally, we always have books available for kids to read from our extensive library.


Kids need to move!  We have lots of outside time that focuses on gross motor skills like running, jumping, balance, and agility.  We also have lots of fine motor skill building with manipulation of art, math, science, and sensory materials.  We also have a lot of ways for kids to move their bodies inside in especially wet Humboldt weather.


We explore science through observation, investigation, and experimentation.  We also stress that even adults need to do research to find answers to questions about the world.  We emphasize problem solving throughout our experiments so that kids can apply their skills in a variety of situations.


Behind the scenes in all of our curriculum, we focus on social-emotional skills, aka community building.  Our activities are designed to teach children how to work as a team, acknowledge and express emotions, and promote kindness.  We believe that these skills are the basis for success in both school and life.  

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