Our History

Founded in 1979, Humboldt Educare Preschool has served generations of Humboldt County children and families.  We even have Educare alumni who have brought their own children!  Anywhere you go, if you ask around, you probably know someone who has attended Humboldt Educare.  


Originally located at Equinox School on Union St, Educare moved to Pacific Union Elementary in 2003, and on to our new site on Frank Martin Court in 2017. Since then, we have seen generations of our kids graduate from junior high and go on to join the community.  


In the future, we hope to find our own facility so that we may grow to included our kids' toddler siblings.  But for now, we are happily engaged with the roughly 45 2-5-year-olds that pass through our doors each year.  

Our Philosophy

Humboldt Educare Preschool believes that children construct knowledge through the actions of play and that children learn best when they want to learn.  If children have the freedom to choose the activities in which they will participate, their imaginations and independence are nurtured.  The desire to learn is fostered by a rich, challenging, and consistent environment by understanding and flexible adults.  In each child, we strive to develop a positive attitude and the desire to learn through exploring our local community and the world beyond.

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Refer a friend to Educare and when they enroll, receive a one time $50 credit on that months bill! The more friends you refer, the bigger your credit because the more the merrier!
Feel free to print out a flyer to give to a friend, or just to post around the community, to help promote our program!

Did you or your child used to attend Educare?  We LOVE to hear stories about what you remember!  Please email us at humboldt.educare@gmail.com to tell us your story.

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